Thursday, July 31, 2014

sebastian and anthony being actual 12 year olds [x]

You get used to it I suppose, but it’s always a bit disappointing to see a comic referred to as ‘by [writer]’ and no one else.

Jamie McKelvie (via comicquotations)

I get a bit disappointed to see Jamie get mentioned at all :(

(via kierongillen)


The cast of Les Mis Broadway sings happy birthday to Jason! (aka Jason is the cutest human ever) [x]


people who don’t like cosette make me so uncomfortable like are you upset that a little girl who was very poor and lost her mother very young grew up to live comfortably and without suffering????????? is this a problem for you?????

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

This is beautiful


This is beautiful

Daae Days: Backstage at The Phantom of the Opera with Sierra Boggess, Episode 2.

If you could join a Housewife cast, what would you join and what would your tagline be?